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Gima is a leading supplier of ethnic products all over the UK. We are importing and distributing many of the favourite Eastern European and Mediterranean brands. Some of our well-known suppliers are from; Poland, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Italy and Spain. We specially selected over 2500 lines from these suppliers to meet the demand of the UK market. We are proud to say that some of our customers are well known high street retailers and cash&carries such as Asda, Bestway, Batleys, Dhamecha. As well as supplying major customers, our aim is to reach to middle and small size retailers, including supermarkets and cash&carries. We are well known within ethnic market by our passion for quality. In order to achieve this we try every possibility to suit our name within the best prices. We are proud of managing and delivering the best quality products by providing the best possible customer service available. As result of our efforts, we were rewarded by ASDA as “The Best Ethnic Supplier” in 2007.

Gima UK Ltd.

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