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Sokolow Smalec Lard (Butter) (16pcs/box) 1x250g Sokolow Franks with Poultry (40pcs/Box) 1x270g Sokolow Poultry Liver Pate (30pcs/Box) 1x300g Sokolow Sliced Pork Neck 1x100g/115g
Code: 11744 Code: 11727 Code: 11741 Code: 13504
Sokolow Doktorska Sausage (20pcs/Box) 1x500g Sokolow Doktorska Sausage with Paprika (20pcs/Box) 1x500g Sokolow Sliced Preserved Pork Ham (10pcs/Box) 1x120g Sokolow Sliced Salami Debickie (12pcs/Box) 1x100g
Code: 11717 Code: 11718 Code: 12949 Code: 13493
Sokolow Sliced Salami Garlic (12pcs/Box) 1x100g Sokolow Sliced Salami Pepper (12pcs/Box) 1x100g Sokolow Franks Classics Deluxe Pork Sausage (Classic Hot Dogs) (40pcs/Box) 1x250g Sokolow Sliced Grandmas Extra Ham (10pcs/Box) 1x140g
Code: 13495 Code: 13496 Code: 11716 Code: 13322
Sokolow Sliced Country (Classic) Ham (10pcs/Box) 1x148g Sokolow Sliced Golden Ham (10pcs/Box) 1x140g/175g Sokolow Sliced White Ham (10pcs/Box) 1x148g Sokolow Garlic Sausage (24pcs/Box) 1x400g
Code: 13324 Code: 13325 Code: 13323 Code: 10002 S.PRICE!