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Pamapol Barley with Bacon Soup 4x500g Pamapol Bean with Sausage & Bacon Soup 4x500g Pamapol Beef Tripe in Seasoned Broth Ready Meal (Flaczki) 8x500g Pamapol Cabbage with Bacon Soup 4x500g
Code: 14650 S.PRICE! Code: 14647 S.PRICE! Code: 14333 S.PRICE! Code: 14649 S.PRICE!
Pamapol Cucumber Soup 4x500g Pamapol Disticly Flavoured Goulash Ready Meal (Gulasz) 8x500g Pamapol Mazovia Pate (Pasztet Mazowiecki) 4x490g Pamapol Mushroom with Noodles Soup 4x500g
Code: 14651 S.PRICE! Code: 14334 S.PRICE! Code: 16267 S.PRICE! Code: 14652 S.PRICE!
Pamapol Pea with Smoked Bacon Soup 4x500g Pamapol Polish Stew with Sausages & Mushrooms Ready Meal (Bigos) 8x500g Pamapol Pork Head in Aspic & Vegetables (Glowizna) 4x300g Pamapol Pork Meatballs with Vegetables in Tomato Sauce Ready Meal (Pulpety) 8x500g
Code: 14648 S.PRICE! Code: 14330 S.PRICE! Code: 14328 S.PRICE! Code: 14332 S.PRICE!
Pamapol Poultry Pate (Pasztet Z Drobiem) 4x490g Pamapol Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Meat in Tomato Sauce Ready Meal (Golabki) 8x500g Pamapol Tomato with Noodles Soup 4x500g Pamapol Traditional Polish Soup 4x500g
Code: 16266 S.PRICE! Code: 14331 S.PRICE! Code: 14653 S.PRICE! Code: 14654 S.PRICE!