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Agrico Boczek (Minced Bacon) 6x300g Agrico Chicken Pate 12x156g Agrico Fish Goulash (Paparykarz Szczecinski) 6x300g Agrico Lard with Meat (Smalec Z Miesem) 6x300g
Code: 10251 Code: 15698 S.PRICE Code: 10252 Code: 10254
Agrico Minced Ham (Szynka Wieprzowa Mielona) 6x300g Agrico Polish Ham Minced (Szynka Exportowa) 6x300g Agrico Poultry Pate With Mushrooms 12x130g Agrico Poultry Pate with Paprika 12x156g
Code: 10257 Code: 10255 Code: 15704 Code: 15701
Agrico Poultry Pate with Tomato 12x156g Agrico Poultry Sirloin (Poledwica Drobiowa) 6x300g Agrico Premium English Stew 6x300g Agrico Premium Pork Ham 6x300g
Code: 15700 Code: 10256 Code: 15695 Code: 15694
Agrico Premium Pork in Gravy 6x300g Agrico Turkey Pate 12x156g Ardealul Chicken Pate (Pui) 6x100g Ardealul Chicken Pate (Pui) 6x200g
Code: 15697 Code: 15699 Code: 15119 V.S.PRICE! Code: 15120 V.S.PRICE!